Merp Entertainment is a record label unlike any other. Based in Madison, Wisconsin, it incorporates both the classical training and popular roots of its co-founders, Pat and Brigid Doty. The debut Merp Entertainment production, "Dare to Entertain," will present the first of many opportunities for you to hear just how exciting this brand new company is.

Why start a record label? Well, "Dare to Entertain" is not the only project that we have planned. It is a sampler of things to come, presenting everything from tuba solos to pop songs on one disc! You will hear songs played by a solo tuba, songs performed by voice and piano, songs performed by a voice and tuba together, and even some disco drums! It all comes together to make one exciting and cohesive album, but it is a representation of the many different directions that we plan to take Merp Entertainment in.

After we release our first album we will get to work on a full length album of songs featuring Brigid and her beautiful voice. Then, we will make an album solely comprised of fun new tuba music. Who know what the future holds, but one thing is for sure: There are many great things ahead for this young company!

This brings us back to the question of why we have decided to start a record label. Merp Entertainment is our brand. When you see the 'Merp Bird' on a product, you know that you are getting something great. The playful artwork will always make you smile and the music will always be fun and exciting. These qualities remain central to everything we do, regardless of the project.

Right now the artists that are involved with the Merp Entertainment record label are the co-founders, Pat and Brigid Doty. However, it is our plan to reach out in the future to more artists and extend the reach of our label. We will seek out more college students who are interested in putting together a project of their own, if they could only find the resources to do so while they are still in school. Thanks to the Grumpy Troll's sponsorship, "Dare to Entertain" has become a reality while Pat is still a graduate student. We know how fortunate we are and look forward to working with others to make more dreams possible in the future.

Our focus here at Merp Entertainment is always you, our audience. That is true of "Dare to Entertain" and it will be true of all of our productions in the future as well. When you see the 'Merp Bird' you know that you are purchasing something that was made locally by a family owned and operated business. You also know that it was made with love and created with your entertainment in mind. We are Merp Entertainment, and we hope you enjoy everything to come.