"Dare to Entertain" is the premiere Merp Entertainment production. This full length CD features 14 original tracks, performed by Pat and Brigid Doty. You will hear Brigid's beautiful voice accompanied by Pat on the piano on some tracks. Others feature Pat on the tuba, sometimes with piano as well. You'll even hear Brigid's voice and Pat's tuba perform together on some songs!

Here is a preview track:

Pat's compositions cannot be put into a box, because they span many different genres and settings, and you will hear this in the variety of tracks on this disc. This, coupled with the fact that Brigid's voice and Pat's tuba are two completely different mediums, will make "Dare to Entertain" something unlike anything you have ever heard before.

Like any debut, this CD is our first chance to show you what we do! But this is not just about one album. There are many different aspects to this production, and they represent all of the different directions that Merp Entertainment will pursue in the future. It is hard to say exactly what the future holds, but we are already working on the next project, and we hope you enjoy this, our debut production!

A tremendous amount of work has gone in to this project, and we are extremely excited to present it to you! We think that you will enjoy listening to "Dare to Entertain" as much as we enjoyed making it! Click here or above to purchase your copy of the CD!

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